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What is Sand?

Sand is an app that helps you get things done through time blocking.

Ranch on iPhone 7 Plus

Task List

  Insert new task at any position
  Create sub tasks of multiple levels
  Reorder multiple tasks with 1 tap
  Mark completed tasks with automatically

Ranch on iPhone 7 Plus


  Schedule multiple tasks with 1 tap
  Show daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  Show number of completed tasks for each time block
  Jump to any time block with the index list on the right

More Features

Make and break habits

Keep track of your recurring tasks.

Set goals

Boost your motivation with your goals.

Collaborate on shared tasks

Work together with your team to achieve more.

Get Rewards

Collect and review your progress.

What is a Class?

A Class is more than just the name of an element, it is a title you create that can be added to other elements that you'd like to be styled the same way. Notice that if you select this paragraph, and change it, it will effect the paragraph below as well, since they have the same Class.

Double click an image to replace it.

You can also double click an image to change its size.

Parents, and text alignment

By now you may have noticed that web design, simply put, is a series of boxes inside of boxes with text and images inside of them. Try selecting the parent element of this text Right 2 then changing the text alignment.

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